Coghlans 0015 Tick Remover

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This product was manufactured by CoghlansCoghlans 8236 Salt and Pepper Shaker . Read more ... ».

Brand: Coghlans
UPC: 056389000155
ListGrocery Gadget - Shopping List . Read more ... » Price: CDN$ 10.99.
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One Response to “Coghlans 0015 Tick Remover”

  1. Freya Clews says:

    I regularly go on adventures with dogs in conservation areas/forests etc. and they inevitably get covered in ticks! For years we’ve been going the tweezer route to try to get the ticks out after various different tick-removers have failed. But with tweezers, the head of the tick often breaks off.
    On a whim, I bought this remover after reading some good reviews about it and I am very happy I did! Its the simplest and fastest tick remover I’ve ever used, and it has so far had a 100% success rate! (on at least 10-15 ticks so far!)
    The ticks pop right out easily and are even still crawling around afterwards (which sounds gross, but you REALLY dont want to have the head break off inside of the skin!)
    It also works on ticks of various sizes, from ones that have just recently latched onto the skin to ones that have somehow managed to hide in the fur for days!
    It works so well that family members have asked me to buy some for them as well and I just purchased more of them…

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